On September 7th 2018 the stipend meeting of the CNV Foundation will take place.
Self-organized stipend meeting
On 27th of January, the first self-organized meeting of awardees and alumni of the CNV foundation has taken place in Dresden. 19 women, their partners and kids made this meeting a very inspiring event.
In the morning, Samuel Krahl has offered an EMBO lab leadership course.
The participants discussed and got input about various aspects of leadership and management. Also, there was vivid discussion how to provide feedback and criticism. Finally, the participants learnt about the dynamics of conflict and possible mechanisms to solve them. In the end, the participants learned which framework is important to support motivation.
In the afternoon and over dinner, at which the founder of the foundation Prof. Nüsslein-Volhard participated, there was a lot of exchange about science, different career paths and aspects of successful leadership and networking.
The directors of the CNV-Foundation thank the organizers for their initiative and the successful meeting.

New Sponsor

Since October 2017 the CNV-Foundation has a new sponsor.
The German Stem Cell Network GSCN is sponsoring one stipend from the field of stem cell research for the funding period of 2018.